10th Volvo Walk to Vryheid - June 2017

My 10th Volvo Walk to Vryheid kicked off on Friday the 9th, guys from Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Freestate and KZN set off to attend the VVVCC motor show on Saturday.

Those from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds gathered at the Total Petroport on the N3 between Alberton and Heidelberg.   At 11h00 headed off to Standerton where we had a Pitstop at the Schmitt House and were treated to homemade soup, bread, pate, coffee and biscuits - delicious!, sorry for those who gave the pitstop a miss.   Next off Volksrust, we encountered five "Stop n Go's", call them "Chillouts", at least there are no stones flying from oncoming traffic.   The drive through Majuba is always a pleasure, arrived in Vryheid after 16h00 giving us enough time to peg out the Volvo Walk stand at the field.

On Friday evening we were all treated to a very affordable meal at the Vryheid Vintage Car Club's clubhouse.   WOW!   The tables were decorated commemorating the 10th Volvo Walk to Vryheid.   I think I have to thank Alfie Ball and Co for that, you guys excelled yourselves - THANK YOU.

On Saturday at the Volvo Walk to Vryheid stand 32 Volvo's surrounded 10 foreign participants (Datsuns, Morris Minor's, Renault, Austin Healey), our plan was that at 12h00 we torch them, however they turned out to be a lekka bunch of guys so we spared them the misery and enjoyed the banter.   After taking photos, having them printed, mounting them, presenting them together with a medal and a coffee cup I then sat down and had a beer.

Saturday evening back to the clubhouse to watch the rugby and tuck into a dinner deluxe sponsored by VVCC.
Thank you to all that made it possible - Andre

Submitted by Andre de Haan