News Update on the Upgrade of our new Clubhouse - 27 May 2015.

We have started building our New Clubhouse.
The club members unanimously agreed to the upgrade of existing facilities to the final layout put forward by Dieter Oltmann at the Cecil Emmett Sports Ground.
Our chairman, Cassie Lourens, an engineer undertook to oversee the project.   Materials and labour was sourced and the project commenced without delay.   The progress has been fantastic as can be seen on the photos below (in various stages) in such a short period of time.   Our vice-chairman, Harvie Van Heerden, called upon members for donations or materials and the responce has been excellent.
First and foremost - our thanks to Casssie and his team for undertaking this project and to all members for their support over weekends in whatever manner of contribution.
We look forward to the final roof-wetting soon!
Well done all!
Submitted by Des Lemmon-Warde

Our New Clubhouse is being built - May 2015