Garage Safari Outing - 15 August 2015

Lancaster Hill and Harry's Workshops 

In the month of August, the garage safari was hosted by Des, Gordon and Bruce at the Workshops on Lancaster Hill, followed by a further tour of Harry's workshops at Glenbar and his private home.   The event was well supported by 13 club members, cars and friends on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

 Various comments were passed like "Yes, I used to sell petrol at 2/6 shilllings for a gallon of petrol!", "My dad drove one of those Dodge pickups on his farm!" and "Those are the same carburetters I have in my MG!"   Various stages of rebuild were seen showing our currrent restoration projects.

 After visiting for about one and a half hours and enjoying snacks and refreshments, it was time for the Safari group to travel and visit Harry's facilities.   Harry went to great detail on the current restoration of his Model T Ford, bearing in mind that this Model T Ford was acquired completely stripped and in the form of various boxes and loose items.   Great interest was shown on the rebuild of the rear and front axle assembly with Harry explaining in great detail the mechanics of the various items.   We all know Harry's restoration standards where he goes that extra mile to achieve the originality and standard of the Model T Ford rebuild.   We all look forward to the day the restoration is completed!

 Further refreshments were the order of the day and again time was calling and the group proceeded to the clubhouse for a bring and braai.

Our thanks to Harvie and his ladies who had all the tables set out and making refreshments available.  It was a most enjoyable evening.
I believe another well spent afternoon in fellowship in the realms of "Garage Safari".
Submitted by Des Lemmon-Warde