Test Run Outing - 10 May 2014

An enjoyable outing to the Biltong Shop - Lenjane
Harry and Terry's newly restored Model A Ford and Austen A40 respectively took part in a short test run to Lenjane, a trip of 60km.   This was in preparation for a trip to Cars in the Park in Pietermaritzburg.   Des and Colin accompanied the two in a 58 Willy's Jeep as a sweeper, just in case.
We departed on a beautiful Saturday morning from the Wimpy in Vryheid.   We stopped on the way to Lenjane, just to check that all was ok.   Arrived at Lenjane, also known as the Biltong Shop, and then decided to have breakfast.   We were pleasantly surprised and it was most enjoyable.
After a break of an hour we returned back home, trouble free and ready for the trip to Cars in the Park Pietermaritzburg the following weekend being 18 May 2014.

Written and submitted by Des Warde