Annual Outing to Talana - 20 October 2018

A lovely day at Talana.
The Talana Live is an annual event which the VVCC participates in and this year the event was held at Talana Museum, Dundee.  Club members congregated at the Wimpy Junction, Vryheid on a very wet and cold morning.   No less than 14 cars departed en-route to the event.   :It rained all the way until the arrival in Dundee.   The morning was enjoyed with visits to the museum and various food stalls as well as interaction with members from other vintage car clubs.

During the day the weather improved and we were treated to a display of large Scottish bands of which members were from various towns.   In the afternoon we were entertained by a re-enactment of THE BATTLE OF TALANA between the British and the Boers.   True to tradition, the members of the VVCC were treated to a hearty braai organized by Leon and Neels before our departure back home.
The day's outing went very well with no mechanical problems.
Our thanks to the members for braving the bad weather to support the Talana Live day.   Well done!!!

A re-enactment of the BATTLE OF TALANA.

Submitted by Des Lemmon-Warde