1 March 2015 - Bowling in Paulpietersburg

The annual "Bowls Challenge" in Paulpietersburg.
The annual "Bowls Challenge" was programmed for 22 February.   However, due to bad weather, it was cancelled and postponed to the 1st March.
The message from Harry was:   "Come rain, hail or snow, we were going to Paulpietersburg".
Well, rain, yes on departure from Vryheid, however, weather in Paulpietersburg was perfect.   Acting chairman for the Paulpietersburg bowling club, John Darlow, called in his fellow bowlers and awaited our arrival.
Our teams were:   Harry, Cassie, Kowie, Allan, Terry, Neels, Des and Albie and partners.   We had a very challenging 12 sets with great fun and laughter to all participants and spectators alike.
Well, no sooner had we walked off the greens, the rains surprised us once again.   However, with good clubhouse facilities and a braai and refreshments, we enjoyed good fellowship.
Our thanks to the members who made the effort to participate in the bowls challenge and also our thanks to John Darlow and fellow bowlers for organising the bowls challenge.
Time was once again calling and we were on our way home in a beautiful sunny afternoon.
Submitted by Des Lemmon-Warde