Our trip to the Vaal Old Wheels Show - 6-8 September 2014.

The Vaal Old Wheels Show.
Another outing well supported by 14 members, with an early start on Saturday 6 September with a get together at the Wimpy at 5h00, setting in motion the start of our plus minus 860km round trip to Vanderbijlpark and the Vaal Old Wheels Show.
First stop Newcastle as some cars already needed some fuel.   Next stop to check vehicles and stretch the old legs.
En-route to Villiers Neels's Benz had a flat tyre.   With plenty of hands and even more commentary and apologies, we finally got the spare fitted and reached the Engen at Villiers for fuel and a Wimpy breakfast.   As usual the Wimpy breakfast was of the accustomed high standard.
Fortunately Andre's Rolls left some fuel for the other cars, so we were able to drop in at Piet Minnie's for a tour of his collection.   This is a worthwhile visit and Piet even managed to arrange a replacement for "The Benz".
Once again the time was catching up and we were on our way to VDBP to book in at the Beethoven and Asante guest houses.   The accomodation was impressive and everyone felt right at home.
Formalities concluded we were on our way to the Sylviadale Museum of Ziggy Duvel.   This was a very interesting visit, with a large collection of items from yesteryear under preservation.   Another 2 hours later we were on our way to the River Palace to board the pre-arranged 16h00 boat cruise on the Vaal River. The weather was impeccable and the hour long cruise was supported with good conversation and the obligatory refreshments in solid and liquid form.
Back to our guest houses for a quick shower in preparation for supper at the Emerald Casino.   On arrival however we were surprised by a large gathering of students for some or other celebration.   Quick caucus and the conclusion was that we would not leave our vehicles unguarded under these circumstances and the decision was made to rahter support the Ocean Basket or Dros.   However, leaving the casino premises we were held up by security staff, as we did not have the "exit coupon" and were not allowed to leave.   After the intervention of our "A-Team" and the application of suitable pressure, special security was called in and we were allowed to leave.
After the Ocean Basket had made arrangements for our group of 30 to dine, the Dros was chosen as the preferred supper venue.   (Hey guys it is only a lady's prerogative to change her mind!) Yes, there were delays and some received their starters after their main meals, but a good time was had all round with a lot of laughs.
Back at the guest houses the crowd at Asante decided the night was still young and that, with the assistance of a few bottles of red wine, all the problems of the world could be resolved in one night.   Pity no one thought of keeping minutes of this intense "think tank".
Sunday morning breakfast at 7h00, we must compliment the hosts for a superb meal, and we met up with the other group and travelled in convoy to the car show.   Ziggy assisted with arranging our parking area under the trees by the river side.   The weather was good with hot and clear skies and the show well attended.   Numerous food stalls and a vast cross section of vehicles and ancillary equipment, related to the motor industry, were on display.
Our group did not take home any of the prizes, but everyone indicated that they had had a wonderful day.
Some of our number had to travel back on Sunday afternoon and we are told that this trip was enough for another few pages of reporting on its' own!   Just reading the messages on "WhatsApp" it was clear that "The Benz" was again the hot topic, with fuel starvation problems.   The fact that the Ford's sun visor was constantly coming loose was only aggravating the stress levels and for this the Noddy badges now have new owners, i.e. Neels and Harvie.
With all these hold ups and a late supper at KFC in Newcastle the group got home safely at around 10 pm that night.
Back in VDBP the stay over group of Kowie, Kobus, Andre, Albie and Des had a pleasant supper at Ocean Basket. Monday morning breakfast at the guest house and we were on our way back to Vryheid and Piet Retief.  Kobus took the lead and after 1 or 2 wrong turns and u-turns were soon on the right way home again.   Dankie Kobus!
Lunch at Wimpy in Newcastle and thereafter a fond farewell to Kobus and Riekie and the trip back to Vryheid.
In conclusion the VVCC members had a wonderful weekend at the Vaal-Old-Wheels Car Show.   Our thanks to Havie for all the arrangements and many photographs and likewise to Leon for the video's en-route.
Great camaraderie and good fellowship was established in this group outing and we trust that we can build on this good spirit.
Submitted by Des Lemmon-Warde